Great British Cards raise £18,000 for industry charities

greenfingersOn the first day of the annual Glee trade exhibition this year (Monday 12th September), giant cheques totalling £18,000 were presented to Greenfingers Charity and Perennial from the Great British Card Company from sales of its ‘Floreo’range of charity cards.

The company’s card range provided a selection of 42 different designs, with 10p from each card being paid to both Perennial, a charity that provides a range of support services to people working in, have worked in or have retired from horticulture who have hit hard times and Greenfingers Charity, the charity that creates gardens for children who spend time in hospices across the UK.

Chris Houfe, Sales Director of Great British Cards comments: “Our relationship with Perennial and Greenfingers Charity has been brilliant from the start, and our enthusiasm to create a card range specifically to support them evolved quite naturally.  Garden Centre retailers are a specialist trading sector for us, and ‘Floreo’ was able to gain impressivedistribution countrywide, with consumers delighting in the fabulously colourful images and variety in design.  On the back of this success we’re launching twelve new designs at GLEE with an autumnal/winter feel.”

Carol Paris, Chief Executive of the Horticultural Trades Association and Trustee of both charities was instrumental in bringing the partnership about. She comments: “This beautiful range of cards has been very popular with gardeners and has provided consumers with the satisfaction of knowing they are helping support two very worthwhile charities.”


Greenfingers Chairman, John Ashley joins Greenfingers Head of Fundraising Linda Petrons to receive the cheque from Chris Houfe, also presenting to Perennial’s Head of Trading, John Moseley alongside HTA’s Carol Paris.

Linda Petrons, Head of Fundraising at Greenfingers comments: “We are enormously grateful to the Great British Card Company and to Carol Paris for bringing this partnership together, and to all those garden centres who continue to support this fantastic fundraiser.  The money raised really will make a huge difference to the lives of so many children and families who spend time in hospices.”

Last year Greenfingers launched its ‘A Million Moments Appeal’, aiming to raise £1 million, over the next three years.  With the help of product promotions such as this, the charity is aiming to provide at least 5,000 children and their families that rely on hospices to enjoy spending precious time together outdoors.

It’s time for a revolution in mulch!

westland colourwestlandgro-sure-smart-ground-coverSay goodbye to messy, weedy borders with Gro-Sure Smart Cover, a revolution in mulch that has the appearance of freshly dug soil.

Gro-Sure Smart Cover is the result of 3 years of research and testing and is an industry first! Smart because it’s protective, weed-supressing, decorative and locks together to stay in place.

Delivering weed-free, neat and tidy borders that enhance the natural beauty and colours of your plants, flowers and shrubs – the holy grail of gardening achievements!

Wind, animals and sloping ground can cause other mulches to look messy quickly. Gro- Sure® Smart Cover uniquely locks together, staying neat and tidy for longer!

westland-gro-sure-smart-ground-cover-trial-picturesOffering 75% better weed protection than bark*. Gro-Sure® Smart Cover helps gardeners to win the war on weeds and ideal for those looking for a natural, yet easy alternative to weed control.

Protects plants in beds and borders by creating a micro-climate to keep roots insulated against ice and snow in the winter and moist during summer months.

One bag of Gro-Sure® Smart Cover will treat 50% more ground than an equivalent bag of bark. Plus, as it’s made from wood fibre, Gro-Sure® Smart Cover is easier to handle and transport to a garden than conventional mulching materials.

Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “Gro-Sure® Smart Cover is a revolution in mulching! It delivers the appearance of freshly dug soil, providing a quick makeover for beds and borders with long lasting benefits…giving gardeners more time to enjoy their garden!”


Bayer Garden launches solution to Box Tree Moth

bayer 2015Bayer Garden is introducing BUXAtrap®, an effective pheromone trap certified by the INRA institute. The Box Tree Caterpillar is one of the RHS proclaimed worst pests of the season1 and this trap, by capturing the moths, breaks the life cycle allowing the box tree to flourish.

With no water or glue band and one charge of pheromone lasting three months the reusable BUXatrap® offers season long control with little maintenance required.

The BUXatrap® is part of Bayer Garden’s drive for innovation in the naturals market.

“There is real pressure on active ingredients in the garden care sector; 66%of them have been lost in the EU in the past  20years,” explained Darren Brown, Head of Bayer Garden. “Today there is uncertainty about the future of glyphosate and metaldehyde and the focus on neonicotinoids continues. Whilst we are confident of the efficacy and safety of these products, our naturals range means retailers can offer consumer alternatives.

bayer-buxatrapThe naturals range comprises Bug Free, Slug Killer, Super Fast Weedkiller

Bug Free: Certified for use by the Organic Farmers and Growers, Bug Free tackles a broad spectrum of pests on a wide range of ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables. It is available in a one litre ready to use bottle

Bayer Garden Slug Killer: containing the naturally occurring active ingredient Ferric Phosphate, which breaks down naturally to enrich the soil, Bayer Garden Slug Killer is certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association. It is rainfast and proven to effectively control slugs and snails.

Super Fast Weedkiller: Producing results within just three hours Super Fast Weedkiller contains fatty acids. It has a unique five in one action, killing grass, broadleaved weeds, moss, algae and liverwort and available in a ready to use formulation it requires no dilution and is ideal for the spot application of individual weeds.


Roundup-logoRoundup’s latest innovation, the Gel Telescopic Wand has won its first industry accolade scooping a new product innovation award at Glee 2016.

The Gel Telescopic Wand, which beat off stiff competition in the tools and machinery category, allows consumers to tackle weeds easier, and more effectively without the need to over stretch or bend down.

The innovative wand extends from 0.3m to 0.6m allowing easy reach of weeds, whether it’s at the back of a flower bed or making fast work of weeds in a path or patio without using a spray. Roundup Gel simply attaches to the wand with a simple twist and dispenses the weedkiller through the click of a trigger.

In addition, the weeding wand boasts a convenient loop allowing easy hanging, ideal to pop on the back of the shed door.

Roundup’s Gel Telescopic Wand is compatible with the original Roundup Gel and the newly launched Roundup Tough Gel and Path & Drive Gel.

For more information visit

Roundup Telescopic Wand RRP: £16.99

round up gel in use

New Introductions From Stewart Garden

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden has strengthened its popular Varese planter family with a distinctive new low bowl planter.

Available in Dark Brown and Alpine Grey colour options, the 60cm diameter Varese Low Bowl will launch in October 2016 with a recommended retail price of £29.99.

Stewart Garden introduced the Varese range in 2014. The company’s contemporary design style within a comprehensive planter range, it has enjoyed great success, driven by its textured finish, sophisticated design and strong colours.

The addition of the Low Bowl planter, which is ideal for succulents, agave and alpine plants, gives lovers of the Varese range a new option for low level planting.

They have also  added new colours to its patio range, giving customers new options, wider choice and year-round inspiration.

The new colours are Slate Grey and Dove Grey and they’ll be available on a wide selection of Stewart Garden planters from October 2016, including:

  •         Essential round planter 39cm: RRP (recommended retail price) £4.99
  •         Essential round planter 33cm: RRP £3.99
  •         Essential round planter 27cm: RRP £2.99
  •         Square patio planter 30cm: RRP £3.99
  •         50cm patio trough: RRP £4.99

For retailers, Stewart Garden is continuing its popular 2 for £5 offer across this extended colour range.

Stewart Garden has strengthened its successful Lead Effect range with the addition of a new size option.

Joining the collection is the Stewart Garden Lead Effect 32cm Round. It will have a recommended retail price of £19.99 and be available to retailers from October 2016.

With real lead planters heavy, expensive and rare, Stewart Garden has enjoyed great success with its Lead Effect range, first launched in 2014. And the company has continued to expand the range over the last two seasons in line with growing demand.

The arrival of the Lead Effect 32cm Round follows the phenomenal success of the Lead Effect 44cm round which Stewart Garden unveiled in October 2015.

With this growing family within a family and its leading position in this highly popular sector, Stewart Garden expects retailers to enjoy even higher sales of lead effect planters in the coming months.

Alan Slack, marketing manager at Stewart Garden, said: “Consumers love the visual effects and ambience that lead effect planters give their gardens, so it’s no surprise demand for this range is so strong. With lead effect, we understand the market space, price positioning and consumer demand. We also understand that the consumer is rarely wrong.”

Stewart Garden to showcase new Versailles planter family at Glee 2016

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden has extended its decorative range with the Versailles family of pewter effect planters.

Versailles echoes design themes often seen in formal, structured garden designs and planting arrangements where geometric shapes, symmetrical lines and neatly clipped edges prevail. Available in three shapes, they’ll be ideal for laurels, olive trees, privet, hedging, walkways and door features. The shapes are:

  • 70cm Trough: RRP (recommended retail price) £29.99
  • 32cm Round: RRP £19.99
  • 32cm Square: RRP £19.99

Stewart Garden will showcase the family on its stand, Hall 17-20, Stand 18K14-L15, at Glee 2016 in advance of the official product launch in October.

stewart-versailles-square-planterAs the leading contemporary garden brand, Stewart Garden tracks consumer trends and evolving tastes in planters closely. The company understands that real lead planters are popular, yet heavy, expensive and rare. However, it can produce stunning lead and pewter effect planters at the price points where demand is greatest. Stewart Garden’s expertise in recreating lead and pewter effects has enabled it to develop this unique new family of planters and a winning offer for retailers.

Alan Slack, marketing manager at Stewart Garden, said: “Demand for lead and pewter effect planters has been consistently high over the last few seasons. We’ve seen demand grow as we’ve increased our offering and consumer choice. With the Versailles family, we anticipate sales for retailers will grow even further.”

Stewart Garden is able to produce rotationally moulded plastic planters without compromising the authenticity of their finish. This combination of exquisite design and robust manufacture has proved highly popular in the market with products such as the Varese Planters and Blenheim Copper Barrels enjoying exceptional sales success.

Stewart Garden loves gardens. It’s a leading grow-your-own and contemporary garden lifestyle brand, the market leader in premium plastic flower planters, including self-watering plant containers, and the voice of authority in premium consumer propagation.

Discover the HTA Garden Retail Monitor at Glee

hta 2016The HTA’s new Garden Retail Monitor (GRM) is now live and garden centres and retail nurseries are being invited to sign up to benefit from this upgraded system which takes sales data automatically from garden centre epos systems right down to a bar code level.

HTA Market Information Manager David Denny comments, “The Garden Retail Monitor should put more management information in the hands of garden centres than ever before. And what’s more, there’s no burdensome monthly or weekly data entry needed, saving precious time in the business. The data will help garden retailers improve their business through sales benchmarking regional and national averages.”

The concept is simple – data from a garden centre’s epos system is automatically uploaded to a secure, encrypted database, where it is collated with garden centre data from across the country. Participating retailers have an account, which lets them compare their business performance against regional and national averages.  Comparisons can be made against averages for businesses of similar size, helping to make a fair judgement of performance against peer businesses.

Garden centres can benchmark metrics including total store sales, average transaction value and gross margin.  Garden centres can also ‘zero in’ on the detail within their centres.  Benchmark information is provided down to a detailed department level so users can identify high and low performing areas which may hold opportunities for profit growth.David Denny adds, “The flexibility provided by the new system allows reports to be presented in a variety of ways – including familiar industry standards such as the GCA barometer of trade departments and the HTA Retail Business Improvement Scheme departments. In addition the data (in anonymized form) will provide a rich resource for helping to promote gardening to the public through the media.”

Any garden retailer in the HTA with a compatible epos system can sign up to use the GRM free of charge. Compatible epos systems include Corby & Fellas, CSY, Swan and NedFox, with others in the pipeline.

There is the opportunity to find out more at Glee (12-14 September) where David Denny will be delivering three presentations about the Garden Retail Monitor on each day of the show at 1.15-1.45 in the seminar theatre. Staff will be available on the HTA/GCA stand (20/H10) to provide more information about the benefits of signing up to the system.

Bayer Garden leads responsible pest control

bayer 2015Bayer Provado-Ultimate-Bug-Killer-1L-VisualBayer Garden is capitalising on the leading position of its Provado® brand in the insecticide sector (41.2% market share by value1) and its insight in the weedkiller category to lead the market in the delivery of a responsible approach to pest and weed control.

Recognising the likelihood regulations and legislation around neonicotinoids will alter, Provado® Ultimate Bug Killer is already neonicotinoid-free, containing deltamethrin, a very effective weapon against unwanted garden insects.  A contact insecticide, it’s fast acting and can be used on ornamentals and an incredibly wide range of fruit and vegetables. Bayer Garden’s organically certified Bug Free provides a natural alternative.

In weedkillers, Bayer Garden’s focus is on driving sustainable value back into the category based on consumer insight.  Research shows consumers shop according to task, in particular seeking solutions for keeping paths and driveways free of weeds.  In-store, however, the category is dominated by general purpose weedkillers and displayed according to formulation.  Consumers leave confused and empty handed.

Christina Bouzala, Bayer Garden’s Group Brand Manager said: “Retailers who focus on addressing the challenge rather than simply trying to tempt consumers into purchasing by devaluing the category will be the ones to really see growth in this sector.  Converting just 20% of those who walk away from the fixture would drive up the value of the category by £5.3m2 achieving sustainable value back into the category.”

Bayer Garden to fertilise the outdoor market for growth

bayer 2015Making an exciting return to GLEE, Bayer Garden will reveal its new strategy for growth in outdoor plant foods category.  The company is home to three of the strongest brands in the sector, known and trusted by consumers and garden retailers alike:
Baby Bio® – Greatness grows from every drop: Baby Bio® is the most recognised high quality liquid fertiliser available.
Phostrogen® – Feeding the garden since 1960: Phostrogen® is trusted and recognised by gardeners everywhere.
Toprose – The rose care brand leader: Toprose already accounts for over 45% of the rose food market.
Based on detailed consumer insight, the company has identified real potential for growth in the sector.
“We know 30%* of plant owners don’t feed at all,” said Christina Bouzala, Group Brand Manager at Bayer Garden.  “These people aren’t confident about what to feed and how, and when they go in-store to find out more, the fixture can cause them more confusion.
“This is a huge missed opportunity for garden care retailers, but it gets bigger still when you focus on pots and containers.   Once the nutrients in the compost of pots and containers are exhausted, plants can produce far more blooms when fed regularly. Yet of the 90% of gardeners who express a preference for growing in pots, only 55%* use a feed!
“At GLEE we’ll reveal our strategy for outdoor plant foods, which will help retailers further grow their business in this market, with exciting new products, whilst always having in mind the end benefit for the consumer.”
In 2016 Bayer Garden launched the Baby Bio® Big Boost Challenge.  It is bright, colourful and clearly shows the benefits of feeding with Baby Bio® Outdoor. The Challenge encourages consumers to get ‘hands-on’ with the product and see the difference it makes to their pots and garden– a small watering change for BIG flower gains!


Roundup-logoRoundup, the UK’s number one weedkiller brand, returns to Glee with new product launches set to make 2017 an exciting year for retailers.

Visitors to stand M20-N21 can explore Roundup’s newly developed complete weed-control collection. Consumer search insights have shown consumers are looking for a brand they can trust and to deliver simple solutions to their specific weed problems, be it general weed control, weeds in the number one problem area, paths and drives or dealing with tough and difficult weeds like Ivy, Brambles and Japanese Knotweed. In order to react to the developing needs of the consumer, Roundup has redesigned its range to reflect this with three clear product ranges Roundup TOTAL, Roundup TOUGH and Roundup PATH.

 The new look 2017 range now includes Roundup Optima+ concentrate, Roundup Gel for targeted application and a new Path and Drive range, specifically for use on hard surfaces.

Roundup Gel & Wand Roundup will be launching its newly designed Pump N Go 5.0L that allows up to ten-minutes of controllable spraying, and features improved packaging for easier storage for both retailers and customers. Also new for 2017, Tough Roundup Gel is ten times stronger than Original Roundup Gel, perfect for tackling tree stumps and deep-rooted, woody perennial weeds with the easy to use applicator.

To complement the new product launches and to build on the success on the nation’s favourite, Roundup Gel, Glee will also see Roundup launch the telescopic Gel Wand. Set to take the market by storm being the first of its kind, the extendable Gel Wand simply attaches to the Roundup Gel and dispenses the weedkiller through a trigger, allowing consumers to tackle weeds easier, and more effectively without the need to over stretch or bend down.

round up gel in use Visitors to the stand will also be able to find out more about Roundup’s consumer marketing plans for next season, and see the new packaging and display materials being introduced in the spring.

Looking ahead to Glee, Roundup’s Lawn and Garden Business Director, Gary Philpotts, commented: “We’re pleased to be bringing even more good news to retailers at this year’s show – 2017 is an exciting year for Roundup with new products hitting the market, especially with the new telescopic Gel Wand which is a great addition to our range.