NEW Pico Power Pressure Washer and NEW Patio Cleaner from Hozelock

Whether it’s removing moss from between your garden decking or washing away the cobwebs in your shed, the small but mighty Pico Power Pressure Washer from Hozelock ( makes light of all those DIY and Spring cleaning jobs you’d rather not do! Plus, with its adjustable sprayer nozzle the water power can be easily controlled – which is important when cleaning softer surfaces such as decking or wooden furniture.

There’s also a NEW Patio Cleaner, designed to work with the Pico Power Pressure Washer, which has a height adjustment dial and handles which make vertical as well as horizontal cleaning a piece of cake – perfect for those who want to clean walls, garage doors and fences as well as patios, paths and terraces.

Stewart Garden’s Varese Low Bowl Planter offers nature’s personal touch

When it comes to enjoying elegant and stylised plant life at home, Stewart Garden’s latest Low Bowl Planter enjoys taking its place as a natural centre piece. It’s a feature packed with possibility.

And that’s because you’ll find lots of people looking for new ways this year to show off those stunning little succulent, agave and alpine plants.

At £31.99 (RRP), the 60cm Low Bowl Planter forms the newest addition to Stewart Gardens’ Varese range. It’s ideal for those who love to create character through textures, colour and simplicity.

The Varese pots and bowls are made of high-grade plastic. They’re lightweight, frost-proof and durable. But the Low Bowl Planter’s most valuable design feature, is its adaptability.

Low bowls are one of this year’s biggest horticultural trends. In its Alpine Grey and Dark Brown colours, the Varese Low Bowl Planter is a true patio-pleaser; its textured pattern creates an authentic, natural appearance usually reserved for real stone or pottery.

Then it’s all about what you plant. Alan Slack, Marketing Manager at Stewart Gardening, sees the latest Varese product as a home for intricate, yet impactful plants.

“If you’re thinking about using the Low Bowl Planter indoors,” says Alan, “with temperatures between 15 and 25c, then African violets (Saintpaulia), in several colours, could look outstanding.

“And you may consider planting something like the White Willd Orchid (Phalaennopsis).  It looks like it has just been taken from nature. I think you could show off its wild shoots and unevenly-shaped small flowers for a truly back-to-nature feel in this sophisticated feature.”

What the Low Bowl Planter wants you to do is symbolise — in a miniature way — all the drama and vitality of immersive environments, like a tropical forest or alpine mountainside. You can create the ideal conditions to do that, both indoors and out. It’s easy to move, and the drainage holes make watering simple.

Adding a big character to your conservatory, decking or garden this year has become popular with the growth of humble, yet attractive, low-level planting. The Varese range is perfect for bridging nature’s ever-changing tones with the consistent quality of design and architecture.

Stewart Garden loves gardens. It’s a leading grow-your-own and contemporary garden lifestyle brand, the market leader in premium plastic flower planters, including self-watering plant containers, and the voice of authority in premium consumer propagation.

Stewart Garden is a proud UK manufacturer. Its products are available in over 1,600 outlets across the country, including DIY retailers such as B&Q, Homebase and Wilkinsons. They’re also widely stocked at garden centres such as Dobbies, Notcutts and Wyevale and in over 1,000 independent garden centres.

For more information, visit

Eye catching display unit boosting What Knot sales

What Knot, the device that can tie and untie knots in rope between 3 mm and 15 mm thick, is now supported by a brand new freestanding display unit.

The unit is large enough to show the whole range of What Knot packs with an additional selection of rope colours, yet compact enough for retailers to use without sacrificing other products. Being a unique product, What Knot is a genuine addition to sales without having to replace or remove existing sales lines.

The display unit has three shelves, which are visible from most angles, and a side section for the accessory packs and product information leaflets. Bright colours ensure the units will be seen by all store customers.

Just Right Products UK & Europe, the exclusive UK importer of What Knot, is offering the unit, complete with enough stock to fill it twice over, on a per product sale or exchange basis. This means retailers can minimise risk, by assessing over time, which What Knot products are the best sellers in their particular store and stocking only the most popular items for them.

Steven Daniels, owner of Just Right Products UK & Europe, said: “There are over 42,000 retail outlets in the UK that have, or could have, What Knot customers. Many of these are already selling rope, although our packs have rope in for those that don’t, so all will have the same sales opportunities for What Knots. With average sale volumes at just over four What Knots per customer, these opportunities are very exciting, without the usual reduction or risk of removing existing sales for the retailers.”

The What Knot freestanding display unit comes flat packed with full, easy to follow instructions for simple and quick self-assembly.

What Knot will secure ropes anywhere along their lengths in less than six seconds. It lets you secure or connect multiple ropes with a simple twist without ever tying knots. It’s waterproof, impervious to UV and comes with a lifetime warranty.

From tying boating knots or disposing of rubbish, to making secure knots when using ladders, What Knot has a wide range of uses. These include, but are not limited to:

  • securing luggage to car roofs and trailers
  • securing car boots when moving large items
  • tying down awnings, tents and tarpaulins over logs, sheds or roofs
  • securing and adjusting boat fenders for inland waterways or at sea
  • towing water skiers and wake boarders or securing your Jet Ski
  • hoisting and adjusting multiple items prior to permanent fixing
  • tying the bottom and midpoint of a ladder for health and safety purposes

While it should never be used as a climbing aid, What Knot is an ideal alternative for any other situation that involves rope. It has been tested holding over 600kgs without breaking, though its intended use is lower than this.

What Knot is stocked by Screwfix, and an ever growing number of independent retailers across the UK.


storbordStorbord, the wall storage specialist, is launching a new range of wall storage panels which offers an affordable, flexible alternative to the traditional pegboard system.

Featuring a series of strong yet pliable pre-formed hooks, Storbord’s unique design enables users to create versatile storage for any number of uses around the home, garden or workplace. Manufactured using powder coated steel, hooks can be easily pulled out when needed and pushed back in if an alternative arrangement is required. When hooks are in use, a simple plastic cover is slipped over the top, providing durable wall storage for everything from scissors to power tools.

Glynn Thomas, Managing Director of Storbord, explains, ‘We have developed Storbord to provide a cost-effective, convenient alternative to the classic pegboard system. Unlike pegboards, Storbord uses an integrated hook design to avoid the frustration and cost of losing and replacing pegs. With a significantly more accessible price tag, Storbord is easy to install and benefits from a modular design for an infinitely customisable wall storage solution.’

storbord-wallAvailable in a variety of colours and sizes, the range includes simple panel designs as well as the Storbord Shelf, which boasts an integrated full width shelf, and the Storbord Bin, featuring a number of handy storage bins above the panel for storing small or loose objects such as screws or batteries.

With RRPs ranging from £6.66 to £29.99, Storbord offers the ideal space-saving storage solution for anyone looking to organise their living or work space.

For more information on Storbord, call 01938 553655, email or visit

Spotted Wing Drosophila Traps

agralanThe spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a new fruit fly which can affect strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, grapes, cherries and plums.
Recently arrived in the UK, it is similar in appearance to the normal fruit flies, but differs in that the adult males have a distinctive spot on each wing and the adult female has a saw-like appendage which is used to pierce the skin of developing fruits to lays eggs under the surface. The red eyes are also distinctive. The developing stages of the pest can damage the fruits at the time of ripening, causing the fruit to go mushy and rotten.
Spotted Wing Drosophila (male)
The pest is most likely to be found during warm (20oC +) and humid weather conditions.
The fly can be difficult to control, it is therefore important to monitor for the adults before they lay their eggs. The ideal way to monitor for their appearance is to use a special trap. Traps and lure are available in the UK from Agralan. Monitoring with these traps should be carried out from April until November. Experience has shown that it is helpful to group two or three traps together. In cherries, plums, currants, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and other hybrid berries, it is best to put the traps on the shaded side of the row.
Spotted Wing Drosophila trap.
agralan-swd-trapIn small fruit plots typically found in gardens, the use of several of these traps for precision monitoring positioned around the perimeter of the fruit growing area can help to attract the adults away from the plants and developing fruits, reducing the likelihood of fruit being affected. When checking your traps to see if any SWD have been caught, it is best to pour the liquid contents through a sieve over the kitchen sink. Spray with water using a hand plant mister. Allow the insects trapped in the sieve to dry before shaking them over a white tray or card to examine them. You can then use a hand lens or magnifying glass to inspect the adults, checking for the distinctive black spots on the adult males. (Females require a microscope to be identified).
If SWD adults are found in the traps, you should take steps to stop them from laying eggs in developing fruits. In and around fruit plots, you can exclude SWD from entry to the fruit area by erecting very fine mesh netting (less than 0.98 mm) eg Enviromesh ‘UltraFine’ or Tendamesh from green fruit onwards to protect the fruits from the adults. Alternatively you can use garden care products to control the adults. It is important to note that spraying alone is unlikely to give control. It is much more effective to use a combination of monitoring, exclusion, trapping and spraying. Avoid spraying whilst plants are in flower to protect pollinators, but start from green fruit onwards. A number of products are available from garden centres, see also for further advice.
In addition to taking steps to monitor, exclude by netting and trap the fruit fly, it is very wise to maintain good levels of hygiene in and around your fruit plants to avoid attracting the pest into your garden. Aim to pick fruit when it is ripe and don’t allow old, damaged or diseased fruits to remain on the plants or lie on the ground close to the plants. Remove overripe fruits and all waste and dispose of responsibly.
Do not dispose of fruit on a compost heap as this will attract more spotted wing drosophila into your garden. Kill any larvae first either by putting in sealed plastic bags and leaving in full sun for a few days, or the freezer overnight.
Disclaimer: An insect monitoring trap is not guaranteed to prevent infestation of your crop. The trap is not designed for use as an exclusive method of preventing infestation and the benefits to be gained from the use of a trap will depend on various factors including the skill and diligence used in acting on results in the correct timeframe and positioning of the trap or traps. Due to this and the vagaries of nature we cannot accept responsibility for the results obtained from the use of a trap.

Get growing in the New Year

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden’s 100 cm Cloche Cover, growing trays and temperature controlled propagators mean you don’t have to wait till the warmer months to start growing vegetables.

The Cloche Cover lets you cover all types of large growing trays and provides a seamless fit with Stewart Garden’s 100cm Essentials Growing Tray, the ideal combination if you have no open soil at home.

It can also sit directly on top of soil and comes with ground pegs to secure coverage and provide maximum protection for your plants. Two adjustable vents provide temperature control.

Used in conjunction with Stewart Garden’s electric and unheated propagators, the Cloche Cover and Growing Tray open up a vast array of early planting options.

stewart-garden-propagatorEarly sowing vegetables

Celeriac and celery will thrive if you sow them in early New Year in a heated propagator. So too will cucumber, tomatoes and other greenhouse plants.

Brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, cauliflower and calabrese ‘Aquiles’ can all be sowed under cover in early New Year. Leeks need a long growing season so January is a good time to sow them under cover, too.

Herbs, salad leaves and spinach are easy to grow on a windowsill and provide fresh produce throughout the year. You can also start sprouting potatoes on your windowsill as early as January.

Also worth planting indoors now for sumptuous summer crops are aubergines. Similarly, planting onion seeds, such as Bunton’s Showstopper and Ailsa Craig early in the year will give them maximum time to grow as big as possible.

Stewart Garden is known for its range of propagators. The company offers an extensive range that includes:

Stewart Garden Essentials – Electric Propagator 

The Stewart Garden Essentials Electric Propagator is available in two sizes, 38cm and 52cm, which was highly recommended of the 2011 Which? Gardening Best Buy windowsill propagator test. Each comes with a long life economical 8-watt heater.

This simple to use propagator makes raising your own plants easy. It gives your seedlings the light, protection and heat that they need for perfect growing conditions and comes in two sizes, ideal for a variety of pots and trays.


Stewart Garden Premium Thermostatic Control Electric Propagator

The Stewart Garden Thermostatic Control Electric Propagator maintains temperature between 18oC and 23oC with its long life economical 22-watt heater. This was the clear winner in the 2011 Which? Gardening Best Buy windowsill propagator test.

The propagator provides the perfect environment to help your seedlings flourish. Designed to maintain an ideal growing temperature, they allow you control air and humidity by adjustable ventilation panels. The cover is crystal clear, allowing maximum light for plant growth.


Stewart Garden Electric Propagator – Variable Control

Part of Stewart Garden’s premium range, the 52cm variable-control electric propagator allows precise temperature control within a range of 12°C – 28°C, providing the perfect environment to help your seedlings flourish. Designed to maintain an ideal growing temperature, the air and humidity can also be controlled by adjustable ventilation panels. The cover is crystal clear allowing maximum light for plant growth. This kit also includes a starter kit of trays, pots and a growing guide.

Stewart Garden Essentials Unheated Propagator

The Stewart Garden Essentials Unheated Propagator is available in two sizes, 38cm 52cm.This simple-to-use propagator allows efficient light filter to encourage plant growth and features adjustable ventilation.


Stewart Garden Premium Unheated Propagator

The lightweight crystal clear cover has adjustable ventilation making it easy to control the airflow to young plants. The gravel base tray holds a selection of pots in this specially designed growing space. Available in four sizes:


Stewart Garden loves gardens. It’s a leading grow-your-own and contemporary garden lifestyle brand, the market leader in premium plastic flower planters, including self-watering plant containers, and the voice of authority in premium consumer propagation.

Stewart Garden is a proud UK manufacturer. Its products are available in over 1,600 outlets across the country, including DIY retailers such as B&Q, Homebase and Wilko. They’re also widely stocked at garden centres such as Dobbies, Notcutts and Wyevale and in over 1,000 independent garden centres.

What Knot taking ladder safety to new heights

whay-knotEvery year, nearly 50,000 people fall from ladders and end up at A&E. On average, 45* of these people are among the 6,000 who die every year from avoidable injuries sustained at home. At an estimated £50 billion, (based on 2003 figures) the annual cost to society is also staggering.**

What Knot, the device that can tie and unfasten almost any rope with a thickness between 3 mm to 15 mm, can help reduce these figures by anchoring ladders securely in place.

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidance on ladder use states: “Ladders have to be prevented from slipping during use.” The simplest, quickest and most cost effective way to achieve this is by using the What Knot in conjunction with rope and anchor bolts, available from stores such as Screwfix.

ladder-safety-knot-or-what-knot-1-1What Knot can be placed at any point along the length of good quality rope, connecting and disconnecting in just six seconds. Users can place and adjust it to the nearest millimetre simply and quickly. It’s completely waterproof, so will never rust or rot. And it’s impervious to the sun’s rays.

Demonstrating the What Knot on a video on the company’s Facebook page, builder Luke said his ladder felt a lot more secure: “It’s tied up at three points. You know the base isn’t going to kick out. It feels way more sturdy and it’s really quick and simple to put together. It makes me feel a lot more confident.”

Steven Daniels, owner of Just Right Products UK & Europe, the exclusive importer of What Knot, said: “This is a quick, simple and really cost effective way to stay safe when using ladders, as opposed to scaffold towers, as appropriate. The accident statistics are truly shocking, yet the What Knot offers a genuine preventive measure for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike.”

If ladders are used a lot as part of a day-to-day job, the What Knot could also reduce employers Liability insurances.

What Knot is stocked by Robert Dyas, Screwfix and a growing number of independent retailers across the UK at the recommended retail price of £7.95 for a single unit, reducing to £6.00 each if purchasing a pack of 6.

In 2011, Steven won a Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award. These awards recognise innovative SMEs throughout the country.

For more information or to purchase What Knot online, visit

New Introductions From Stewart Garden

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden has strengthened its popular Varese planter family with a distinctive new low bowl planter.

Available in Dark Brown and Alpine Grey colour options, the 60cm diameter Varese Low Bowl will launch in October 2016 with a recommended retail price of £29.99.

Stewart Garden introduced the Varese range in 2014. The company’s contemporary design style within a comprehensive planter range, it has enjoyed great success, driven by its textured finish, sophisticated design and strong colours.

The addition of the Low Bowl planter, which is ideal for succulents, agave and alpine plants, gives lovers of the Varese range a new option for low level planting.

They have also  added new colours to its patio range, giving customers new options, wider choice and year-round inspiration.

The new colours are Slate Grey and Dove Grey and they’ll be available on a wide selection of Stewart Garden planters from October 2016, including:

  •         Essential round planter 39cm: RRP (recommended retail price) £4.99
  •         Essential round planter 33cm: RRP £3.99
  •         Essential round planter 27cm: RRP £2.99
  •         Square patio planter 30cm: RRP £3.99
  •         50cm patio trough: RRP £4.99

For retailers, Stewart Garden is continuing its popular 2 for £5 offer across this extended colour range.

Stewart Garden has strengthened its successful Lead Effect range with the addition of a new size option.

Joining the collection is the Stewart Garden Lead Effect 32cm Round. It will have a recommended retail price of £19.99 and be available to retailers from October 2016.

With real lead planters heavy, expensive and rare, Stewart Garden has enjoyed great success with its Lead Effect range, first launched in 2014. And the company has continued to expand the range over the last two seasons in line with growing demand.

The arrival of the Lead Effect 32cm Round follows the phenomenal success of the Lead Effect 44cm round which Stewart Garden unveiled in October 2015.

With this growing family within a family and its leading position in this highly popular sector, Stewart Garden expects retailers to enjoy even higher sales of lead effect planters in the coming months.

Alan Slack, marketing manager at Stewart Garden, said: “Consumers love the visual effects and ambience that lead effect planters give their gardens, so it’s no surprise demand for this range is so strong. With lead effect, we understand the market space, price positioning and consumer demand. We also understand that the consumer is rarely wrong.”

Stewart Garden to showcase new Versailles planter family at Glee 2016

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden has extended its decorative range with the Versailles family of pewter effect planters.

Versailles echoes design themes often seen in formal, structured garden designs and planting arrangements where geometric shapes, symmetrical lines and neatly clipped edges prevail. Available in three shapes, they’ll be ideal for laurels, olive trees, privet, hedging, walkways and door features. The shapes are:

  • 70cm Trough: RRP (recommended retail price) £29.99
  • 32cm Round: RRP £19.99
  • 32cm Square: RRP £19.99

Stewart Garden will showcase the family on its stand, Hall 17-20, Stand 18K14-L15, at Glee 2016 in advance of the official product launch in October.

stewart-versailles-square-planterAs the leading contemporary garden brand, Stewart Garden tracks consumer trends and evolving tastes in planters closely. The company understands that real lead planters are popular, yet heavy, expensive and rare. However, it can produce stunning lead and pewter effect planters at the price points where demand is greatest. Stewart Garden’s expertise in recreating lead and pewter effects has enabled it to develop this unique new family of planters and a winning offer for retailers.

Alan Slack, marketing manager at Stewart Garden, said: “Demand for lead and pewter effect planters has been consistently high over the last few seasons. We’ve seen demand grow as we’ve increased our offering and consumer choice. With the Versailles family, we anticipate sales for retailers will grow even further.”

Stewart Garden is able to produce rotationally moulded plastic planters without compromising the authenticity of their finish. This combination of exquisite design and robust manufacture has proved highly popular in the market with products such as the Varese Planters and Blenheim Copper Barrels enjoying exceptional sales success.

Stewart Garden loves gardens. It’s a leading grow-your-own and contemporary garden lifestyle brand, the market leader in premium plastic flower planters, including self-watering plant containers, and the voice of authority in premium consumer propagation.

Stewart Garden top planter supplier at Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase 2016

stewart logo 2013Stewart Garden had a major presence at this year’s Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase at Milton, near Banbury that took place from 11 to 29 July.

The company was the predominant planter supplier to the trade event and featured heavily in designed gardens across the site.

Exhibits included schemes pairing Ball Colegrave’s plants with Stewart Garden’s Varese, Lead Effect, Blenheim and Sylvan planters. Also unmissable was the striking red geranium display in the Stewart Garden Corinthian Black planter.

Exhibits at the event demonstrated to trade buyers how they can maximise the market potential of bedding in planters. As patios become increasingly popular, the market for combinations that provide the instant colour, wide availability and easy maintenance that container gardening offers is growing.

Ball Colgrave 1Ball Colegrave is a premium supplier of bedding plants to the UK garden trade. Its annual Summer Showcase attracts over 2,000 trade visitors, from independents and national companies to major groups.

Top garden centres and leading retailers and DIY outlets from around the country were also in attendance.

Stewart Garden had a stand in the main reception and meeting area.

Alan Slack, Marketing Manager at Stewart Garden, said: “This is another example of our great relationships in the garden industry. Stewart and Ball Colegrave are Banbury based, so this local alliance is great news for both businesses. We’re certain that garden trade customers were inspired by the joint activity.”

Ball Colegrave 3Stuart Lowen, marketing manager at Ball Colegrave, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Stewart Garden. Our partnership, which brings planters and plants together to create inspirational features, captures the imagination of the fast expanding number of people with patio gardens. Stewart Garden’s high quality planters made a fantastic contribution to the presentation of our plant varieties and visitor experience.”

Stewart Garden’s grow your own products, planters, watering equipment, propagators and garden accessories are available in over 1,600 outlets across the UK and Eire. These include DIY outlets such as B&Q, Homebase and Wilko and garden centres such as Dobbies and Klondyke/Strikes, Wyevale and over 600 independent garden centres.

Ball Colegrave 2