Introducing ‘LawnMan’, our Westland SafeLawn TV campaign for 2017!

Westland will invest over £2m in a TV and digital advertising campaign in 2017 to promote Westland SafeLawn, a new product encouraging more consumers to feed their lawn.

Westland SafeLawn taps into a £10m opportunity as it appeals to households who have a lawn, but are put off using chemicals due to concerns about children and pets.

Over 16m consumers will see the TV advert over 5 times during April and May. Of these viewers, over 60% of parents walking into garden retailers will be interested in the product and 4m will be actively seeking pet and child-safe alternatives*.

The TV advert will create impact by using CGI technology to introduce ‘LawnMan’ a big friendly character made entirely from lawn. He puts up with a lot. Kids, pets, the passing seasons and harsh weather conditions. In the advert he is worn and tired. He longs to be loved. To be brought to life and to be part of the family again.

Enter Westland SafeLawn. After just one application, he comes to life, revived and ready to play! LawnMan will show parents and pet owners that they can get a thick, green lawn that’s 100% natural and safe for children and pets.

Westland Safe Lawn is an organic fertiliser with added lawn seed, made with only natural ingredients. It nourishes lawns, greening them up within a week and then continues to feed as it naturally breaks down. It helps grass grow and outcompete moss and weeds and also contains special naturally-occurring bacteria which converts dead moss and thatch to nutrients to feed the grass. Its formula guarantees results, a green, lush and thick lawn, with healthy grass from root to tip!

Daniela Constantine, Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “We know that only 16% of households actually feed their lawn, so this represents a massive opportunity for the lawncare category, an opportunity that is worth a potential £10m*.

“This TV advert is designed to delight and educate both children and their parents about the neglect their lawn puts up with throughout the year. By feeding with Westland SafeLawn, they really can bring their lawn to life!

Does Females’ Dog Urine Cause More Brown Lawn Spots Than Males?

dog rocksThere is a common perception that female dog urine causes more lawn burn marks than male dogs. While not all female dogs’ urine cause burn marks and while a fair number of male dogs’ urine does, there is a higher tendency for female dogs’ pee to ruin lawns far more than when male dogs urinate.

Many people wonder if it has something to do with the different physical makeup of the genders. But, in fact, it’s not what’s on the inside that makes a difference…it’s actually how the different genders urinate that is the answer to this question.

What this mystery ultimately boils down to is the way in which female dogs pee: they squat and urinate in one place, which can create a pool of urine. On the other hand, male dogs tend to wander around the lawn and pee in a variety of spots, with smaller concentrated amounts in each location. Even the fact that male dogs lift their leg to pee helps spread the urine around a broader area, which minimizes the damage to the grass.

before-1Also keep in mind that the size of dog makes a difference. If you have a large dog, regardless of whether they are male or female, they are going to have a larger volume of pee than a small dog. Although, you will find that most young male puppies will squat to pee and this can cause more damage to the lawn that expected. Male dogs tend to learn to lift their leg to pee when they are around a year old, and this behaviour is not affected whether or when they are neutered. Some male dogs will always squat to pee, which would affect the concentration of urine leading to more burn marks, but this is rarely the case.

For both male and female dogs, the cause behind the burn marks in your lawn is largely due to the high amount of nitrogen in dog urine. Some nitrogen can be healthy for your lawn, but too much in a concentrated area causes a burn effect in the same way that too much fertilizer would damage your grass. It all comes down to how much nitrogen is in your dog’s urine and how concentrated the areas are where your dog tends to go pee. While gender has something to do with this, there are certainly more factors at play than simply whether you have a female dog.

Regardless of whether you have a male or female dog, Dog Rocks works to eliminate dog burn marks naturally. Simply by placing your Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl, the rocks remove ammonia, tin, nitrogen and other impurities from your dog’s water naturally. What this means is that, when your dog goes pee outside, his or her urine acts to hydrate the grass rather than burn it with excess nitrogen. If you’d like to learn more about how Dog Rocks work, check out our FAQ section here.

Dog Rocks are completely safe for both your female and male dogs and work as effectively with dogs of both genders. Even though your female dog will still be squatting to pee and leaving larger, concentrated pools of liquid, the pee will have a lower number of nitrates. This means that while you use Dog Rocks, your dog’s urine will help contribute to your grass’ growth!

Many other solutions are costly, time-consuming, or potentially risk the health of your dog. Be cautious of remedies that work to lower the pH level of your dog’s urine, as this may not be safe for your dog, and isn’t as effective as a nitrogen-reducing solution, such as Dog Rocks.

Whether you have a female or male dog, Dog Rocks is a safe, effective, and reliable solution for lawn burn marks due to your dog’s urine. Instead of investing time and money in other attempts to bring your grass back to life, simply place your Dog Rocks in your dog’s water and leave the rest up to nature!

Which Best Buy Green Up Feed Weed & Mosskiller still going strong

vitax 2013 logovitax Green-Up-Feed-Weed-MosskillerA triple action, granular lawn care fertiliser which was awarded a Which? Best Buy in May 2011 has made a re-appearance as part of the ‘best lawn care treatment’ section in the publication’s May 2016 edition.

Trialled by an independent panel, Vitax’s Green Up Feed Weed & Mosskiller scored 84% in Which? Gardening back in 2011 and is still going strong.  For the duration of the testing period, the product was found to be easy to apply, improved turf quality, gave noticeable ‘green up’ and effectively killed moss whilst reducing weeds.

Green Up Feed, Weed & Mosskiller is part Vitax’s Green Up lawn care range and provides essential nutrients, whilst eradicating the lawn of common weeds and moss to create healthy, lush green grass. Spread evenly across the grass area, the dead moss can be raked 10-14 days after application, with bare areas re-seeded after 28 days.  To maintain a healthy grass area, it is recommended that application is repeated every four-six weeks.

Commenting on the Which? Best Buy endorsement, Vitax’s sales manager – Colin Wetherley-Mein, says: “Which? is a highly regarded publication and to see a Best Buy for Green Up Feed Weed & Mosskiller highlighted again is a fantastic achievement. “As it is tested by independent assessors, it sets an industry benchmark and provides gardeners with unbiased information and guidance as to which products work best.”

Green Up Feed Weed & Mosskiller has recently seen its packaging updated and is available from all good Garden Centres

New lawn seed range from Gro-Sure® – Guaranteed to gro your sales

westland colourBuilding on the success of Gro-Sure® Smart Seed, one of the leading lawn seed products on the market*, the range is extending for 2015, offering a variety of consumer-friendly, easy to use products.

wesyland Gro Sure Smart SeedAll products feature the ‘Grow with Certainty’ promise, along with a bespoke built-in seed applicator and a clever bird repellent coating to make sowing seed as easy as possible for consumers.

Plus, a new car parking system helps consumers easily estimate their garden size, ensuring they buy the pack size that is most suitable for them.

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, the company behind the Gro-Sure® brand, said: “We’re really excited to be offering this new range of Gro-Sure® lawn seed for 2015.

“This is a premium range of products features unique attributes such as a bird repellent coating to ensure that consumers really can ‘Grow With Certainty.’ This year we’ve been inundated with praise for our Gro-Sure® Smart Seed, from both trade and consumers. So it made sense to rebrand the range completely to Gro-Sure® to communicate to consumers that the same great quality is guaranteed in these products too.”

Millions of viewers set to see Westlands new TV adverts

westland colourAFTERCUT Even-Flo will be back on TV screens just in time for the Easter Bank Holiday, ready for 29 million viewers to see. This represents an impressive 60% of the UK population.

The advert, which will be shown on all major TV channels, including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky will let consumers know that it’s time to ‘let the sunshine in’ to their gardens this Easter Bank Holiday weekend and transform their lawn into a football field, an alfresco dining area or even a make-shift sunbathing paradise!

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “We’re delighted to announce that Aftercut Even-Flo All in One will be back on TV screens in time for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

westland AftercutResolva 24H, the UK’s fastest growing brand, will be back on the telly this Easter and May Bank Holiday weekends.

Once again, the Resolva 24H advert will be airing on TV screens from April 16 to May 18. It will reach over 32 million consumers. It features the voice of actor, writer and comedian Paul Whitehouse from the BBC The Fast Show and will air across all major TV channels including ITV, Sky and Channel 4.

In the advert, the mischievous dandelion weed character, Dandy Weed, is determined to wreak havoc on a garden, multiplying before a gardener’s very eyes. The film shows that simply pulling, or digging them up from the patio and flowerbed won’t eradicate the problem completely, but Resolva 24H kills weeds at the root.

Westland ResolvaAmy Lawrence, Resolva Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture said: “We are delighted to be airing the Resolva advert following its success last year, as it really gets to the bottom of the weed problem. We wanted to engage with consumers and TV viewers in a light-hearted, informative way, letting them know how important it is to have a product that kills unwanted garden intruders from leaf to root”

Star of the Resolva TV advert Dandy Weed even has hit own Twitter account @Dandy_Weed. You can also view the advert at

For further information, log onto or contact your sales representative.

Resolva 24H contains diquat and glyphosate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Next generation lawn seed guarantees growth, even in toughest conditions

westland colourA REVOLUTIONARY new product that guarantees grass growth, even in the toughest of lawn conditions, has been launched by Westland Horticulture.

Created for the successful Gro-Sure® range, Smart Lawn Seed can be grown across a range of challenging conditions including full sun, shade, worn areas and even bare patches. Featuring a unique lawn seed blend that combines specially selected grass seed coated with advanced water storing technology, high performance seed varieties and lawn starter feed, it really is the ultimate lawn seed for every condition.

westland grosure smart lawn seedDesigned for use across the whole lawn, the seed has built in ‘smart technology’ allowing it to treat each area according to its needs. This makes it a great all-in-one product, removing the need to buy additional items.

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “This is our very latest innovation that is guaranteed to grow, even in the toughest of conditions. Our research has shown that people are often unsure of how often to water newly sown seed, but Smart Lawn Seed solves this problem. Thanks to the volume of water it can absorb, it significantly reduces the watering time required and increases lawn life.”

Smart Lawn Seed benefits from technology that uses super-absorbent water gel coated seed to significantly boost germination for quicker lawn establishment. It has the ability to absorb up to 400 times its own weight in water, helping consumers get great results with less worry and effort.

For further information on Smart Lawn Seed, log onto 

Aftercut Lawn Thickener will make your neighbours green as well as your lawn!

westland colourDO you dream of a lush thick green lawn? Well, Aftercut’s Lawn Thickener will help you

achieve the ultimate results to make you the envy of your neighbours.

Aftercut Lawn Thickener does exactly what it says on the box, it not only feeds and greens your existing lawn, and also distributes grass seed to fill in any bald patches at the same time. The end result is beautifully lush green and thick grass that you can’t wait to sink your feet into.

As part of the award winning Aftercut Even Flo spreader range, application is simple, fuss free and effective whilst being fun at the same time. After mowing your lawn, simply tip the spreader and walk up and down the lawn in even strips, the innovative ball- spreading technology will do the rest.

All that’s left to do is water the grass well (or hope for some rain!) and within just three days your lawn will be visibly greener, healthier and thicker. We bet your neighbours will comment on how healthy it’s looking!

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture believes that: “To get the lawn of your dreams with minimum effort, pick up the Aftercut Lawn Thickener as it’s easy to use and guaranteed to deliver maximum results every time. It’s ideal for busy families with children and pets, or those that simply want the greenest, lushest lawn in their street.”

New Lawn Care From Westland

With a host of new and exciting products Westland are set to significantly grow the lawn care category next season.

Delivering a market first, Westland has created ONCE; a revolutionary 4 month lawn feed that keeps on greening the lawn throughout the season.  What makes ONCE results so special is the market leading granule technology.  Each granule of Westland ONCE contains all the nutrients and trace elements that every blade of grass needs.   And because each granule contains the full nutrient content the grass grows and greens evenly.

Keith Nicholson, Head of Marketing at Westland Horticulture said, “ONCE is an absolute revolution in lawn care and is the simplest way to look after the lawn.  It really will make lawn care more accessible than ever to the 20 million households with lawns and, along with Aftercut will drive growth into the sector for many years.”

Aftercut is the No.1 lawn feed brand* in the UK and is set to continue its outstanding growth in 2011 with Aftercut Lawn Revitaliser, a unique 2 in 1 lawn product which not only feeds on each application but also adds new grass each time it is applied.

Aimed at revitalising tired lawns, this 2 in 1 formulation contains all of the benefits of the Aftercut three day greening formulation, but adds grass seed on each application which has been specially blended to ensure maximum germination in all conditions. Aftercut Revitaliser will deliver results and revitalise tired lawns within days of application.

Naomi Jenkins, Product Manager at Westland Horticulture said, “With approximately 25% of grass dying each season it is vital to replenish with new grass for great looking lawns, and Aftercut Revitaliser 2 in 1 is

the perfect product to do this.  The lawn care products developed for the 2011 season will only go to enhance Westland’s leading position within this category and make lawn care accessible to gardeners of all levels.”

Committed to driving more consumers to the lawn care category Westland will be investing more than £1million in media campaigns for 2011.

The easy-peasy way to a luscious looking lawn

Everyone wants a lawn that looks green, lush and weed free all year round. And everyone wants that luscious lawn to be easy to achieve. EverGreen lawncare products produce great results, but not everyone applies them to their best advantage. That’s where the new EverGreen Easy Spreader + comes in to help spread the best results over the whole lawn.

Key consumer insights from Scotts’ Home Use Study reveal that ease of use is the most important factor for gardeners buying a lawn spreader, together with controlled, even spread and fast application. Based on these findings, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is launching the EverGreen Easy Spreader + to ensure fast, easy and even application of EverGreen lawn products. Its new design technology delivers a spreader that is:

  • Simple to use.
  • Fast to apply with its 53cm spreading width.
  • Precise for extremely even product delivery.

Retailer opportunities

Sales of big bag sizes of lawn fertilisers increased by 27% in 2010 and 50% of UK household lawns are 200sq m and above, but only 5% of houses have a spreader. A spreader is an essential piece of gardening equipment for larger lawns to obtain the perfect results everyone wants, so there are huge opportunities for retailers to increase sales and maximise profits by creating linked sales to the EverGreen range of lawncare products – the number one name in lawncare 1.

In Scotts Home Use Test, putting a spreader in the hands of consumers increased their purchase intent. To maximise your sales, display an assembled spreader so your customers can have a go! Approach customers buying big bags of EverGreen, explain the fantastic benefits that EverGreen Easy Spreader + delivers – and double your sales!


The suggested retail price is only £19.99.

A chafer grub plague: there’s time to act

Garden care company, Bayer Garden, is reporting a real spike in the number of people calling for advice about chafer grubs.  Sales of Provado Lawn Grub Killer also reflect this trend, with one national DIY chain reporting a 60% increase in sales of the product during mid April 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.

Anita Dent a consumer advisor for Bayer Garden explained: “We have been inundated with calls asking for advice about brown patches in lawns.  People want to know what is causing these patches and how to fix the problem.  For the majority it is the Chafer Grub doing the damage and consumers need to get ready to treat the problem in the next few weeks.”

The conditions in 2009 were ideal for Chafer Beetles and their root feeding young, the Chafer Grubs.  The consequence of their breeding success was seen last autumn when lawn damage was noticed; further feeding damage was reported during the spring months.

Chafer Beetles lay their eggs in the top soil of lawns around May and June.  The Chafer Grubs emerge from these eggs within a couple of weeks, working their way down to the roots of the lawn where they begin feeding.  At this stage the grubs are very small and their impact on the lawn goes unnoticed.  It is not until late summer and autumn that gardeners begin to see brown / yellowing patches of dead and dying grass appearing and spreading across the lawn.

With the onset of winter and the arrival of colder temperatures the grubs travel deeper down in to the soil, becoming dormant as they sit out the winter.  Unless it is exceptionally mild they will cease feeding, beginning again in early spring as the soil temperatures warm up.  At this point the growing, developing grubs become very active with increased rates of feeding resulting in the tell tale brown patches of dead grass.  Unfortunately in this weakened condition the lawns are also vulnerable to secondary damage caused by badgers, foxes and birds digging up the lawn as they hunt for these large creamy white Chafer Grubs, which are temptingly close to the surface of the lawn.

A little under a year after they have hatched, the Chafer Grubs pupate before emerging as Chafer Beetles around May / June.  They can be seen in the early summer evenings flying in a lazy, low fashion above the lawn and garden plants, making a clattering noise as they are attracted to light coming from lit windows during the summer evenings.  A few days later the beetles mate, lay eggs and the cycle is repeated.

“The only solution is to tackle the grubs themselves,” continued Anita Dent.  “We recommend applying Provado Lawn Grub Killer to the lawn at around the egg laying stage, in May and June.  This systemic lawn treatment remains in the soil at the root level where it is taken up by the grass and ingested by the young Chafer Grubs as they feed on the roots of the pre-treated lawn.

“Our advice is that where an infestation exists Provado Lawn Grub Killer should be applied to the entire lawn annually as part of the general lawn maintenance programme, as gardeners cannot be certain they have controlled all the grubs in a single application.

“With the area treated, gardeners can then spend time repairing the damaged lawn with new turf or seed.

“Before applying Provado Lawn Grub Killer gardeners first need to confirm that the Chafer Grub really is the source of the problem as there can be several reasons why lawns develop patches.”

Provado Lawn Grub Killer can also be used in a similar fashion in August and September to control Leatherjackets, which are the larval grubs of the Common Crane Fly, also known as Daddy-Long-Legs.