BUXatrap® – the solution to Box Tree Moth

Box tree caterpillars, the larvae of box tree moths, can be devastating, defoliating box plants almost overnight.  Having first arrived in southern England in 2008, the moth has since been slowly creeping north.
Consumers who need a solution to this devastating pest can turn to BUXAtrap®, an effective all-in-one pheromone trap certified by the INRA institute.
With no water or glue band and just one charge of pheromone lasting three months, the resuable BUXatrap® offers season long biological control (up to three months) with little maintenance required.  Refils are available.
To break the lifecyle of the box tree moth BUXatrap® can be used between April and October.
BUXatrap® is a registered trademark of Koppert, France
Use plant protection safely.  Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label.

First Screening of Westland SafeLawn TV advert

Westland Safe Lawn is the safer and natural way to feed your lawn. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, great for households who want a great looking lawn but are put off using chemicals due to safety concerns about children and pets.

The campaign introduces Lawn Man, a big, friendly character, made entirely from lawn. He puts up with a lot. Kids and pets tearing around on him, ball games and harsh weather conditions. In the advert he is worn and tired. He longs to be loved and to be part of the family again. Enter Westland SafeLawn. After just one application, he comes to life, revived and ready to play!

It will be on a TV screen near you from Wednesday:

Emmerdale  – on ITV1 across all active regions at 19:15 on 12th April

The Book Thief (Film) – on Channel 4 at 19:40 on 15th April

Five Gold Rings (Quiz with Phillip Scofield) – ITV1 19:45 on 16th April

The Blacklist: Redemption  – on Sky1 at 21:11 on 12th April

Xpose – TV3 in ROI  20:14 14th April

Doctor in the House – Be3 in ROI 18:15 16th April

New look for New Horizon!

westland colourNew Horizon will have a fresh look and improved formula for 2017, designed to tap into the trend for those seeking a more natural approach to gardening.

In-depth consumer research has shown that New Horizon consumers are environmentally- conscious and want to ‘feel good’ about gardening with naturally sourced products. This insight has been used to develop the brand. All packaging will now feature a fresh new look, injecting natural cues to make it really stand out in-store.

The brand was bought by Westland last year and now benefits from the Westland Compost Consistency Guarantee. This means it no longer contains green waste, making it consistent from bag to bag, month to month and store to store.

westland-new-horizon-all-round-fertiliser-bucketNEW for 2017 is the following:

  New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost has the addition of worm compost, adding extra trace elements and naturally occurring microbes, which help plants grow vigorous and healthy.

  New Horizon Garden Plus All Round Feed contains all-natural ingredients to give all plants and vegetables a boost around the garden and on the allotment.
Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “New Horizon Compost is now the UK’s No.1 peat-free compost, so it’s got an excellent brand following among those seeking a more natural approach to gardening. We made the decision to remove green waste last year as we believe it’s simply not up to the standard or consistency required by all and does not deliver results.

“This year, we’re improving the formula even further, by including worm cast compost to give plants a naturally occurring boost that will help consumers feel good about growing. We’re also introducing a new all-round plant food which will complete the range.

“The new packaging will help products stand out in store, attracting even more consumers.”

Control your bug problems with Resolva’s Natural Power!

westland colourwestland-resolva-natural-powerGardeners who prefer not to use chemicals are set to have a new weapon up their sleeve to win the war on bugs!

Resolva Natural Power Bug & Mildew Spray will appeal to the environmentally conscious gardener, widening the insecticide market by over 35%*. Plus, you can be sure it will have instant impact, as it’s launched by the marketing leading Resolva brand, which guarantees results.

Our extensive consumer research has shown that the time is right for this product have a big impact in store. Consumers want something more effective than trying to squash pests by hand, yet don’t want to rely on using chemicals.

Resolva Natural Power works by physical action, preventing insects, pests, mites and mildew from infesting plants. It is safe to use on a huge range of edible crops and ornamental plants. Crops can be safety eaten the same day they are sprayed.

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director said: “Non-chemical controls are growing in popularity each year. However, many of the options currently available are either a poor substitute or their long-term effects are not yet properly understood.

“We’ve spent the past two years developing this innovative formulas with Syngenta under the Resolva brand to deliver an alternative that consumers can trust.”

It’s time for a revolution in mulch!

westland colourwestlandgro-sure-smart-ground-coverSay goodbye to messy, weedy borders with Gro-Sure Smart Cover, a revolution in mulch that has the appearance of freshly dug soil.

Gro-Sure Smart Cover is the result of 3 years of research and testing and is an industry first! Smart because it’s protective, weed-supressing, decorative and locks together to stay in place.

Delivering weed-free, neat and tidy borders that enhance the natural beauty and colours of your plants, flowers and shrubs – the holy grail of gardening achievements!

Wind, animals and sloping ground can cause other mulches to look messy quickly. Gro- Sure® Smart Cover uniquely locks together, staying neat and tidy for longer!

westland-gro-sure-smart-ground-cover-trial-picturesOffering 75% better weed protection than bark*. Gro-Sure® Smart Cover helps gardeners to win the war on weeds and ideal for those looking for a natural, yet easy alternative to weed control.

Protects plants in beds and borders by creating a micro-climate to keep roots insulated against ice and snow in the winter and moist during summer months.

One bag of Gro-Sure® Smart Cover will treat 50% more ground than an equivalent bag of bark. Plus, as it’s made from wood fibre, Gro-Sure® Smart Cover is easier to handle and transport to a garden than conventional mulching materials.

Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “Gro-Sure® Smart Cover is a revolution in mulching! It delivers the appearance of freshly dug soil, providing a quick makeover for beds and borders with long lasting benefits…giving gardeners more time to enjoy their garden!”


Bayer Garden launches solution to Box Tree Moth

bayer 2015Bayer Garden is introducing BUXAtrap®, an effective pheromone trap certified by the INRA institute. The Box Tree Caterpillar is one of the RHS proclaimed worst pests of the season1 and this trap, by capturing the moths, breaks the life cycle allowing the box tree to flourish.

With no water or glue band and one charge of pheromone lasting three months the reusable BUXatrap® offers season long control with little maintenance required.

The BUXatrap® is part of Bayer Garden’s drive for innovation in the naturals market.

“There is real pressure on active ingredients in the garden care sector; 66%of them have been lost in the EU in the past  20years,” explained Darren Brown, Head of Bayer Garden. “Today there is uncertainty about the future of glyphosate and metaldehyde and the focus on neonicotinoids continues. Whilst we are confident of the efficacy and safety of these products, our naturals range means retailers can offer consumer alternatives.

bayer-buxatrapThe naturals range comprises Bug Free, Slug Killer, Super Fast Weedkiller

Bug Free: Certified for use by the Organic Farmers and Growers, Bug Free tackles a broad spectrum of pests on a wide range of ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables. It is available in a one litre ready to use bottle

Bayer Garden Slug Killer: containing the naturally occurring active ingredient Ferric Phosphate, which breaks down naturally to enrich the soil, Bayer Garden Slug Killer is certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association. It is rainfast and proven to effectively control slugs and snails.

Super Fast Weedkiller: Producing results within just three hours Super Fast Weedkiller contains fatty acids. It has a unique five in one action, killing grass, broadleaved weeds, moss, algae and liverwort and available in a ready to use formulation it requires no dilution and is ideal for the spot application of individual weeds.

Enhance your lawn with Green Up

vitax 2013 logoAndy McIndoe writes in his MyGardenSchool blog about Vitax Green Up Enhance lawn care with great knowledge of the causes and action needed to deal with mossy, weedy lawns. Andy has been using Green Up Enhance lawn feed to boost the strength and health of lawns; it contains organic nutrients together with amino acids, humic acids and beneficial micro-organisms to help improve the soil immediately after using.

Green Up Enhance - Andy McIndoeAndy points out that using an organic based lawn fertiliser is far less risky than fast acting chemical products, the application rate is less crucial, and the fertiliser will go further than you think. There’s no need to worry if it doesn’t rain after application as there is less danger of scorch because the release of nutrients just slows down in dry conditions. Green Up Enhance also contains a thatch-buster which helps to break down the dead material which chokes the base of the grass plants.

Green Up Enhance can be applied either through a spreader or by hand and is available as either a Spring & Summer feed or an Autumn feed.


dj turfcare logoA new, organic-based plant food for vegetables, fruit and herbs has been launched for Britain’s gardeners for the 2015 growing season.  Viano Organic Plant Food is a premium quality, universal fertiliser which feeds garden crops for up to three months from one application.  Its formulation of six per cent total Nitrogen (N), five per cent total Phosphorus pentoxide (P­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2O5), 10 per cent Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water, plus four per cent Magnesium oxide (MgO) (6-5-10)+4) increases nutrients available to plants, enhances soil life and improves soil structure.

Viano Organic Plant Food The easy-to-apply granular plant food can be sprinkled at a rate of 100gm (about a handful) per square metre.  While it will continue to feed plants for up to 100 days, a maintenance or booster feed of 50gm per square metre can be applied after eight to 10 weeks, depending on growing conditions.  Viano Organic Plant Food can also be used on tomatoes and cucumbers, applied at the rate of 20gm per plant per week as soon as harvesting begins.

It encourages the development of plant roots and beneficial micro-organisms, which in turn keep the soil in good condition.  They also move nutritious elements within the soil to plant roots, where they can be taken up and used in healthy development.  Viano Organic Plant Food is perfect for leaf and root vegetables and herbs, soft and top fruits.  It is safe for use in areas where children and animals are active, although, like all non-foodstuffs, it should not be eaten.

DJ Turfcare Equipment Ltd, sole importers of Viano Products in the UK, offers garden centres attractive deals on Organic Plant Food.  A 10kg bag has a recommended retail price of £23.90.  To discover more and to discuss terms, please telephone 01483 200976 or e-mail sales@djturfcare.co.uk

Vitax Buys 6x

vitax 2013 logoVitax have announced that they have extended their organic product range by purchasing Organico Limited.  Based in Somerset, Organico is best-known for manufacturing the popular 6x,  100% natural fibrous fertiliser and chicken pellets, as well as the Groworganic brand widely used on allotments and by growers.

A favourite amongst gardeners who prefer sustainable and organic gardening methods, the acquisition of Organico forms part of Vitax’s strategy to introduce more natural products into its existing portfolio.

6X logo vitaxProduced in the UK for over 40 years, 6x is a traditional chicken fertiliser and billed as ‘The best thing on earth’.  It contains no peat or chemicals, and is oven-heated to over 200o resulting in a weed and pathogen free fertiliser.  Once composted, one bag of 6x is equivalent to six sacks of farm manure.

Although Vitax purchased the complete share capital of the business it will continue to work with Roger Cumisky and his team as it grows the business.

Paul Gooding, Managing Director at Vitax, says: “6x is the premier natural fertiliser brand in the UK and it will play a large part in our plans for 2015 and beyond. It is very rare that an opportunity arises to purchase such an established and well-regarded brand which has such growth potential.  The 6x brand is already a market-leader so we have no plans to re-brand it or bring it into one of our existing ranges.  We will however be utilising the reach of our sales team to make it more universally available at Garden Centres throughout the UK and overseas.

6X vitax“Following the purchase of Slug Gone in 2012 we have been on the lookout for complementary organic products whilst also developing our own.  The launch of the biodegradable range in 2013 further consolidated our commitment to developing more sustainable and organic products.  Although it is a very simple concept, 6x has been imitated but never been equalled.  We are delighted it is now part of Vitax’s portfolio.”

6x will continue to be manufactured in Somerset where it purchases the bulk of its chicken waste, sourced from farms within a 50 mile radius.  This commitment to the local economy was just one consideration in its sale to Vitax as Roger Cumisky, Managing Director at Organico explains: “For the past 40 years we have been developing a range of products which are not only sustainable and organic but utilise waste from local farmers, so it was important we kept that continuity and investment in the surrounding communities.

“Over the years we have been approached by many buyers but Vitax echoed our values and has a great heritage behind it.  It is well-known for its range of products and we wanted to ensure the business continued to grow with a manufacturer which understood our vision.

“As a family-owned business, we know the 6x brand and Groworganic name will continue to flourish under Vitax and we are excited to be still part of it.”

The 6x range will still be available through garden centres and mail order.

Keep Your Plants Happy While You’re On Holiday

BRINTONSThere’s a great new way of keeping your houseplants healthy and happy while you are away on holiday – it’s called a Holiday Plant Saver.  This handy little product is a plastic pouch containing an organic, naturally-sourced gel which can keep a medium size (up to 6”/15 cm top diameter) indoor pot plant watered for at least two weeks.

All you have to do is cut the top of the Holiday Plant Saver pouch and open it out.  Empty the gel sachet inside into the opened pouch and add 400 ml (about ¾ pint) of cold water.  Gently stir the mixture.  Then thoroughly water your plant and place the plant pot in the pouch.  Position in a cool place away from sunlight or radiators.  You can also use Holiday Plant Savers with larger houseplants (as long as there is sufficient space at the top of the pot) by mixing two lots of the gel and placing it on top of the compost.

brintons holiday plant saverThe holiday Plant Saver product and gel is non-hazardous and non-irritant and can be washed off the skin with soap and water.  Once all the gel has been used up, the pouch can be disposed of with recycling waste.  Suitable for all indoor houseplants except Bonsai, Orchids and Cacti, Holiday Plant Savers are available online and have a recommended price of just £3.99 for a three pack.

Holiday Plant Savers is a division of Brinton Products Ltd, an independent, family-owned business, which makes Patio Magic! the UK’s market-leading treatment for mould and algae on all outdoor hard surfaces.  The Holiday Plant Saver product has been developed by retired garden centre manager, Malcolm O’Shea, who has over 50 years’ professional experience in commercial horticulture.  Malcolm was also the inventor of the first ever grow bag