RHS and Mr Fothergill’s join forces to launch trusted AGM seed range for 2018

Mr Fothergill’s is delighted to announce that it has become the preferred partner for licensed seed and seed gifting products for the Royal Horticultural Society. The company has worked with the RHS to offer a new seed range built on the reputation of the Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit which is being offered to trade outlets now.

The RHS has recently won the coveted “Best Licensed Heritage or Institution” section in the 2017 Brand & Lifestyle Awards. Mr Fothergill’s bright new seed range will add further to the strong RHS licensed gardening offer.

Split into vegetable and flower offerings across a two-stand display, both selections include a balance of top performing modern strains and traditional favourites that have all received the famous Award of Garden Merit. With no cross over with existing lines the range can be treated as a stand-alone display or integrated into a larger offering of Mr Fothergill’s seeds.

Clean and elegant packet fronts carry the widely recognised RHS emblem and the trusted AGM insignia alongside the Mr Fothergill’s logo, creating immediate brand recognition and consumer confidence as soon as the range is displayed in store. Quality plant photography, and soft pastel shades add a premium feel to the range, making it the jewel in the crown of the 2018 seed season launches.

David Carey, Mr Fothergill’s Joint Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be working as the preferred seed partner of the RHS. The packaging and display that we have developed together will really lift this range in-store and will perfectly complement our existing offer. We look forward to seeing the Mr Fothergill’s RHS Award of Garden Merit range enter stores in August and we are already working with the RHS to develop exciting product concepts for future release.”

Not only will gardeners be guaranteed excellent performance from the new range, they will also be doing their bit for local wildlife and the charitable work of the RHS. The flower varieties in the collection have, wherever possible, been selected from the RHS Perfect for Pollinators list, maintained by RHS entomologists and beekeepers.

Orders are already being taken for delivery to stores and garden centres in August. For more information visit www.mr-fothergills-trade.com or call 01638 751161 to be put in touch with your local territory sales manager.

Introducing a new English Rose for 2017

‘Vanessa Bell’ is a rose of delicate beauty with an alluring freshness and grace. Rounded, pink-tinged buds open to reveal deep, medium-sized cups held in large, open clusters. Soft lemon-yellow, paling to white at the edges, the delicate texture of the outer petals is such that the light runs through them creating a pleasing, almost luminous effect. The inner petals frame a rich yellow eye deep in the centre of each bloom. It is very free-flowering, producing blooms almost continuously throughout the summer months. There is a lovely medium strength fragrance, which is best described as green tea with aspects of lemon and, at times, honey.

It forms a bushy and upright shrub, which complements both formal and informal plantings. Being extremely floriferous, it also makes a wonderful hedge.

Named for the artist, designer and founder member of the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell – sister of the writer, Virginia Woolf. 10% from the sale of each rose will be donated to The Charleston Trust. Charleston, the home of Vanessa Bell, is managed and conserved by the charity for the benefit of the public.

Have A Happy Fathers Day With Redlove Apples

Hmmmmm Fathers Day is here again in a month, so…….say NO to more ties, BE GONE ‘Best Of Prog Rock’ cd’s, and ADIOS to craft beer!  And HELLO to the Redlove Apple range…barbecue, bake or make it into cocktails, your dad will say thank you, we promise!

Does you dad like gardening? We’ve got the perfect apple tree range … red and delicious

Does your dad like delicious healthy juice? This juice is juicier than any juice from Juicyville

Yes banish your Fathers Day gift blues with something bright RED……

Redlove Apple Range
We have six varieties within the Redlove apple range, all produce bright pink blooms and fruit which is richly red all the way through from skin to flesh…including:

Redlove ‘Circe’ – 1 year old tree in 5 litre pot £17.40
Redlove ‘Calypso’ – 1 year old tree in 5 litre pot £17.40
Redlove ‘Era’1 year old tree in 5 litre pot £17.40
Redlove ‘Odysso’1 year old tree in 5 litre pot £17.40
Redlove ‘Lollipop’ – BRAND NEW Last year1 year old tree in 5 litre pot £19.90
Redlove ‘Kohlhaas’ – BRAND NEW for 2017 – Available from August this year

Redlove Juice

  • It is exclusive
  • It has a beautiful colour
  • It is different and those who serve it will be wowed!
  • It is 100% natural and pure
  • It has a flavour that you, your guests or the recipient of your gift will remember for a long time
  • It has no alcohol, but can be the perfect basis for exciting cocktails
  • It is healthy; the anthocyanins are responsible for the red colour and have an antioxidant effect
  • 5 L Redlove juice; Bag in Box  £17.40

Redlove Cocktail
(for 6 people)
1 Redlove apple
400 ml Redlove® juice, chilled
200 ml gin
2 tablespoons Calvados
2 tablespoons dry vermouth
12 ice cubes
Redlove apple for garnish:
Cut three rings from the apple, halve and cut out the core. Pour Redlove® juice, gin, Calvados, dry vermouth and 6 ice cubes into a pitcher. Mix well. Prepare the glasses with the apple rings. Pour the Redlove juice mixture into the glasses


Common sense says you need to check that your barbecue is in good working order, on a flat site away from a hedge or shed and not a magnet for unsupervised children and pets. Never leave it unattended.

If using a charcoal barbecue, invest in an Outback Charcoal Starter to get it going, never have petrol anywhere near, and put only cold ashes in the bin.

With a gas barbecue, make sure the regulator tap is off before changing a cylinder, which should be done outdoors, and brush soapy water over pipe work and joints to check for bubbles from leaks.

Use a sharp knife to check juices are running clear and meat is done, while press fish flesh with a fork to check flakes come apart – indicating it’s ready.

Always allow a grilled steak or roasted joint to rest in foil on the top rack for about five minutes to keep it juicy and tender.

Unless you’ve invested in a piece of well-hung organic meat, which needs only a brushing of oil and some sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper, then everything else will benefit from a marinade.

With the exception of shellfish, marinade overnight when possible, do not use salt, lemon or lime juice in a marinade for longer than two hours, and avoid pineapple juice.

To avoid a smoking barbecue avoid using extra virgin olive oil in the marinade – save it for the sauce and salad – and marinade in a strong plastic bag before emptying into a glass or stainless steel container.

Always use a separate container or plate for marinades and cooked dishes.

Peckish gets ready to ‘unlock’ birdcare

Peckish is getting ready to help retailers ‘unlock’ birdcare category this autumn.

With over 40 new products in the pipeline, Peckish is getting set to swoop in with a new offering of bird food, feeders and hardware ready to capture consumers’ imagination in store.

Enter into the Secret Garden 

A through the keyhole experience which will feature exclusive designs, antique features and a more decorative garden look and feel. Designed to appeal to ‘romantic’ gardeners, a new consumer category discovered through Peckish insight, this consumer wants to create an oasis of calm in their bustling world and a return to the simplicity and playfulness of days gone by. This key trend for autumn/winter 2017 will deliver feelings of wonderlust and leave consumers searching for more!

Expansion of Peckish Natural Balance range 

Our Peckish Natural Balance range will expand to include a variety of sizes and formats designed to appeal to entry level consumers. Designed to work with the natural balance of your garden and featuring 100% natural ingredients, this range has broad appeal and a quality look and feel.

Hardware and Accessories 

Driving ‘add on’ sales our new range of feeders, hardware and accessories will educate the consumer on how to get the best from their bird feeding experience.

A ‘must have’ product for Christmas 

Shh, we’re not releasing much about this one yet….except to say that everyone will want one of these in their Christmas stocking this year!

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Peckish said: “With over 40 new products coming this autumn/winter, we’re looking forward to driving your bird care category forward, tapping into the latest consumer insight and trends.

“We’ll be releasing more details, including a full product catalogue to retailers over the coming months, which will help unlock bird care over the next 12 months.”

Further details to be announced next month.

The Kiwi Marriage Made In Heaven!

Posh & Becks? PAH! They might be the perfect celeb couple, but even they cannot produce the tastiest Kiwi Fruits!

The ravishingly beautiful Kiwi ‘Hayward’, may be a stunner, but is not self-fertile.  But she has found her perfect partner in the VERY masculine Kiwi ‘Tomuri’, he has purely male flowers.

So perfect together are this dynamic duo of the fruit world, that even Lubera’s customers have noticed.  The feedback shows again and again that the classic kiwi couple Hayward and Tomuri works the best. Although the start of harvest may take a long time, there is a regular yield afterwards and every year there are large fruits.

So if you want quality and ease of growing, plant the classic couple!  And HOT OFF THE PRESS: thanks to the elaborate propagation by cuttings, our kiwis now start to bear fruit even earlier (after two to four years).

Kiwi ‘Hayward’
Note: A pollinator is necessary (Tomuri)
Maturity: From the end of October, early November
Fruits: Very large, drum-shaped fruits
Flavour: Better than from the store
Yield: Due to the high fertility, the kiwi plants should be thinned out; leave one fruit only every 20cm
Growth/health:  In the first years, a winter protection is advantageous
Botanical name: Actinidia chinensis / deliciosa

Price: On a bamboo stake in a 5 L pot, approx. 1.2 m:  £17.40

Kiwi ‘Tomuri’
Note: Tomuri is a pollinator! It does not develop  fruits, it only provides pollen for fertilisation; the female organs in Tomuri’s flowers only stunted

Growth/health: Medium strong, healthy growth
Care: Prune as little as possible in the early years; only when the pollinator plant has begun to bloom, then it can be kept somewhat smaller
Botanical name: Actinidia chinensis / deliciosa
Price: On a bamboo stake in a 5 L pot, approx. 1.2 m:  £17.40

BUXatrap® – the solution to Box Tree Moth

Box tree caterpillars, the larvae of box tree moths, can be devastating, defoliating box plants almost overnight.  Having first arrived in southern England in 2008, the moth has since been slowly creeping north.
Consumers who need a solution to this devastating pest can turn to BUXAtrap®, an effective all-in-one pheromone trap certified by the INRA institute.
With no water or glue band and just one charge of pheromone lasting three months, the resuable BUXatrap® offers season long biological control (up to three months) with little maintenance required.  Refils are available.
To break the lifecyle of the box tree moth BUXatrap® can be used between April and October.
BUXatrap® is a registered trademark of Koppert, France
Use plant protection safely.  Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label.

Grow Your Own Cucamelon

A treat is in store for green-fingered Waitrose shoppers from Thursday 27th April as they can now grow an exciting variety of fruit at home.The Cucamelon is a delightful bite-sized fruit that looks like a very tiny watermelon, with a taste similar to cucumber.

Once harvested, the fruit has a refreshing citrus-like flavour and is perfect sliced in a cocktail, or served as a snack. Cucamelons can also be added to salads as a zesty alternative to cucumber.

The versatile plants can be grown easily and in the same way as a regular cucumber plant, making them perfect for beginners venturing into the world of gardening.

Samantha Brett, Waitrose Outdoor Plant Buyer, comments, ‘We know that after cooking, gardening is our customers’ favourite hobby, and it’s great we can offer them such fun and interesting varieties of fruit and veg to grow at home.’

Cucamelon plants are available at Waitrose and have been grown in the UK by Suttons in Yorkshire for the past five years. They are part of a range of vegetable plants by James Wong, the Kew-trained botanist, science writer, broadcaster and author  of three books including the latest bestselling “How to Eat Better”

– See more at: http://waitrose.pressarea.com/pressrelease/details/78/PRODUCT%20NEWS_12/8476#sthash.LbnJKV5s.dpuf

Haddonstone will launch the Italianate Fountain at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Haddonstone, the UK’s leading manufacturer of fine garden ornaments and architectural stonework, will launch the Italianate Fountain on their exhibit at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Incorporating three entwined dolphins supporting a gadrooned bowl with an egg-an-dart rim, the impressive new Italianate Fountain is ideal for a large pool where a high jet of water can be achieved.

The Italianate Fountain has been recreated from a Victorian cast iron design by the famous Handyside Foundry in Derby. Founded by Andrew Handyside in 1851, the company exhibited at the Great Exhibition and manufactured an incredibly diverse range of designs from Post Office letter boxes to railway bridges and from window frames to street lamps. Famous commissions included the Albert Bridge linking Chelsea to Battersea in London and the National Agricultural Hall in London, now known as Olympia.

Haddonstone at the Chelsea Flower Show

Designed by Simon Scott, a previous Chelsea Show Garden medal winner, Haddonstone’s exhibit will be a classically inspired garden incorporating a landscape folly, water features and other garden ornaments. Following last year’s five star Tradestand Award, Haddonstone will be pulling out all the stops to maintain a high standard of design and planting. Alongside the new Italianate Fountain will be many of the designs from the new Personalised Range of engraved garden ornaments – including obelisks, garden seats, planters, wall plaques, bird baths, sundials and pedestals. Haddonstone will be situated on Southern Row stand SR35.

Resolva Liquid Shots back on TV from today!

The 30 second TV advert will appear on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky over the next 3 weeks, during programmes like the much anticipated new series of Great British Bake Off, NCIS and Modern Families reaching over 29m consumers.

The advert will remind consumers that Resolva Liquid Shots offer an easy way to apply concentrated weedkiller. Pre-dosed with just the right amount for a 10L watering can, there’s no mess and no measuring, giving consumers peace of mind they are applying the right amount.

Resolva Liquid Shots is the perfect solution to big weed problems. The advert features the famous weed characters who taunt and tease a man on his driveway. The weed attack continues until our hero thinks to use the Resolva Liquid Shots, with visible results in 24 hours, he gains control and stands tall, proud of his weed-free drive.

Daniela Constantine, Brand Manager for Resolva said: “With a £1m TV advertising campaign, reaching over 29m viewers, customers will be actively seeking our products in your stores. Remember to stock up in time for the weekend.”

Order the Resolva Liquid Shots range, including Resolva 24H, Resolva Path & Patio and Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Concentrate Liquid Shots through your Westland sales representative today.