New look for New Horizon!

westland colourNew Horizon will have a fresh look and improved formula for 2017, designed to tap into the trend for those seeking a more natural approach to gardening.

In-depth consumer research has shown that New Horizon consumers are environmentally- conscious and want to ‘feel good’ about gardening with naturally sourced products. This insight has been used to develop the brand. All packaging will now feature a fresh new look, injecting natural cues to make it really stand out in-store.

The brand was bought by Westland last year and now benefits from the Westland Compost Consistency Guarantee. This means it no longer contains green waste, making it consistent from bag to bag, month to month and store to store.

westland-new-horizon-all-round-fertiliser-bucketNEW for 2017 is the following:

  New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost has the addition of worm compost, adding extra trace elements and naturally occurring microbes, which help plants grow vigorous and healthy.

  New Horizon Garden Plus All Round Feed contains all-natural ingredients to give all plants and vegetables a boost around the garden and on the allotment.
Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “New Horizon Compost is now the UK’s No.1 peat-free compost, so it’s got an excellent brand following among those seeking a more natural approach to gardening. We made the decision to remove green waste last year as we believe it’s simply not up to the standard or consistency required by all and does not deliver results.

“This year, we’re improving the formula even further, by including worm cast compost to give plants a naturally occurring boost that will help consumers feel good about growing. We’re also introducing a new all-round plant food which will complete the range.

“The new packaging will help products stand out in store, attracting even more consumers.”

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