The future’s rosy with Gro-Sure!

westland colourwestland-gro-sure-rose-shrubThe nation’s favourite flower is set to bloom with the latest release from Gro-Sure®.

Appealing to all households, including those who have never fed roses before, Gro- Sure® Rose and Shrub Food contains fast-acting granules for an instant boost, plus slow-release granules with extra potash for long lasting colour, scent and bigger blooms.

The rose feed market has grown by over 9% year on year*, representing a real opportunity for the right product.

One application is enough to give your roses a great boost that will last for up to 6 months, thanks to the combination of slow and fast release granules. With NPK of 13:3:15, plus Magnesium and Iron, plus extra Potash for more flowers, it’s now simple to get a great display of roses adorn your home and garden.

Plus, consumers can be sure this is a product worth buying as it features the Gro-Sure® ‘Grow with Certainty’ Guarantee.

Jo Wilkinson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “Gro-Sure® Rose and Shrub food delivers great results from a brand that all gardeners trust.

“It’s an easy product for consumers to use. Just apply once for a fantastic display of roses that will last up to 6 months. This is the ideal product to site next to your rose displays in-store, increasing basket spend and customer satisfaction.”

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